Top Down Politics Meets The Grassroots Movement Friday – Call the Governor

A Message from Scott Nichols, GOP State Central Committee District 14:

Dear fellow committeemen,

Matt Borges suddenly clears up tax liens before Fridays Chairman vote at SCC Pays $164,000 to clear up tax lien issue…..Wow!

I am writing to you to tell you how I intend to vote on Friday for the next Chairman of the Ohio GOP.

I am also asking for your help with this as well.

It is no surprise that as a proud Tea Party Conservative, I’m supporting Mr. Tom Zawistowski.

He is a successful small businessman in Ohio, Portage County Tea Party Founder, Past President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition (comprising over 80 grassroots conservative groups).

The man running against him (handpicked by Governor Kasich) is Matt Borges who led Ohio’s campaign last fall.

There are several issues in Mr. Borges past that disturbs me in electing him Chairman, but most of all is last fall’s results in Ohio.  We lost miserably in an arena of ideas that would seem a slam dunk in Ohio just a few years ago.

As a small businessman I judge on results.  The results from last fall’s election would mean no Chairmanship for Mr. Borges in my book.

There was one more thing here that really disturbed me.  Matt Borges tax liens from the fed and state.  $592,000 on unclaimed income from the sale of a home I believe!  Suddenly, he settles this (3 days before the election) for $164,000.  I guess the money was just lying around.

Honestly, are you not tired of being played by the political elites?

How does the party, our State, our Country survive this type of inside stuff?

I am a realist enough to understand that the younger generation in our country thinks ethics is a class in college, but do you?

Do the ends justify the means to you?

Many SCC members have promised the Governor they would vote for Borges.  I ask you to call the Governors office before Friday and ask to have the SCC members released from their promise.

Call 614-466-3555

Restore some faith to the Ohio GOP voters in the system and show the inside baseball State capital people that ethics is not just a college course.

I do assure you that how the vote goes Friday will effect if the people will stay home next election and place the Governor, House and Senate up for grabs.

Could you take a moment and call?


Scott Nichols
SCC 14


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