Tom Zawistowski Candidate for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party


As you know, I am locked in a battle to win the Chairmanship of the Ohio Republican Party. A battle that I did not choose, but one that I feel more than ever must be won, despite the fact that the deck is stacked against us. The facts are, based on the letters below from Social and Fiscal Conservative and grassroots leaders that they are fed up with the betrayals and are willing to leave the Ohio Republican Party if the party does not stay consistent with the Party Platform.

The Ohio Republican Party is about to blow apart at a critical time in our nation’s history when we cannot allow that to happen if at all possible. However, there are no words that Republican leadership can say that will quell our anger; only actions that clearly demonstrate a change of direction will be acceptable. I am trying to hold the party together and implement the changes necessary to not only win key elections in 2014 and 2016, but to start winning the battle with the “regressive” left to stop and reverse their destruction of our nation.  Today, Sunday, April 21, 2013, I was on a show on Channel 3 WKYC in Cleveland called “Between the lines with Tom Beres.”  With the election for ORP Chairman just days away, I would ask that you take the 8 minutes necessary to watch this video:

The Election for Chairman is Friday, April 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM.  I am asking those who can to attend this public meeting and support me in this vote.  The meeting will be at:

Southern Hotel
310 South High Street
Columbus, OH  43215

Many of you have been contacting State Central Committee members on my behalf, and despite their claims NOT under my direction, and I thank you very much for that effort. Some of them have been moved in my direction, most keep saying that they “gave their word to the Governor to vote for Matt.”  The truth that we now have to face is that while 66 State Central Committee members will be voting on Friday, and I need 34 to win, there is only one vote that really matters and that is the vote of Governor Kasich who has “chosen” Mr. Borges to be the next Chairman.  The Governor controls the vast majority of the Committee members and they are voting for Matt Borges because the Governor wants them to.  We need to make sure that the Governor understands the ramifications of his refusal to hear the outrage in the Republican base. Therefore, I am going to ask if you would be willing to call Governor Kasich’s office at (614) 466-3555 this week and in your own words say something like:

  • We worked our hearts out in 2010 to get you elected and now you are attacking our main issue of stopping Obamacare.  We went door to door and collected signatures for the Health Care Freedom Amendment to protect our families.   Why are you doing this to us?  Why are you pushing us away by supporting bigger government by expanding Medicaid?  We were loyal to you and worked for you, and you’re doing this to us?  Your actions are forcing us to say we can’t trust Gov. Kasich.  If he is actually foolish enough to pass Medicaid Expansion, not only will I not vote for him in 2014, I will vote against him, and work to make sure others do as well. It will become my mission to make sure you are defeated in 2014, hopefully in the Republican Primary.
  • Even his decision to propose the implementation of Medicaid Expansion in Ohio, is seen by me as a betrayal. His actions have destroyed our confidence in the Ohio Republican party, and in him.  If the State Central Committee does not elect Tom Zawistowski as Chairman on Friday, there is no chance that I will work for the any Republican ever again. Why would I work for people I can’t trust?  How can our Party be seen as the party of responsibility when its leader owes back taxes, has a conviction associated with political donations, and has some involvement with a gay rights group? How can Gov. Kasich even think of supporting this guy? We cannot have a person with his background as the public face and leader of our Party.
  • The Governor needs to tell Mr. Borges to withdraw from consideration, and tell the State Central Committee members to vote unanimously for Tom Zawistowski for the sake of the Party, our State and our Nation. Tom is the ONLY guy who can keep the party from blowing apart. Tom has everyone’s trust, he has great ideas and he has a record of motivating people to rally behind those ideas. The Governor needs to understand the seriousness of the situation; he is committing political suicide and taking us all down with him if he does not reverse course. Stop supporting Medicaid Expansion and to start supporting Tom Zawistowski for Chairman. Then we can finally stop fighting each other and start fighting the Democrats.

Again, these are just ideas.  You understand what is at stake. If you believe, like I do, that my becoming Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party would be the quickest way possible to reverse our fortunes, then I need your help.  Please call the Governor and tell him how you feel.  I believe with my whole heart that we can keep this disaster from happening and turn this around so we can finally start going on offense against the left.  It starts with Friday’s election and a win will make a huge difference.

Best Regards,

Tom Zawistowski
Candidate for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party
1-800-846-4630 Ext 104


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