Ashtabula Republican Chairman Asks Borges to Step Down, Champions Lake County Chairman Dale Fellows as compromise candidate

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Contact: Tom Zawistowski

Ashtabula Republican Chairman Asks Borges to Step Down,
Champions Lake County Chairman Dale Fellows as compromise candidate.

Below is a letter from Ashtabula County Republican Chairman Charlie Frye (440-858-3554) that was sent out last night (4/22/13) to the State Central Committee and all Republican County Chairmen:

Hello fellow Republicans,

For several weeks now I have been getting information on the upcoming election of our next State Chairman and feel compelled to act. All of you I am sure are aware of the background of the two current candidates. Matt Borges has a very impressive resume as a campaign manager and has done good work for the party. However, because of the issues that have arisen surrounding his tax liens, misdemeanor and ties to Equality Ohio I cannot in good conscience support Matt to be our next Chairman. I do, however, would hope he stays on with the ORP in his current capacity. Just today in a Associated Press article Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine said they were unaware of Matt’s tax liens before endorsing. We as a party do not need these type of distractions going into the gubernatorial election cycle, not to mention alienating the Tea Party members who have done much to push the conservative ideology of our party. I have also contacted Tom Zowistowski and find him to be a good man and patriot. However, not many of State Central Committee members know Tom well enough to elect him as our next Chairman.

I have a solution to our current problem. I have spoken with Dale Fellows, the Lake County Chairman, and he said that he would run for State Chairman if Matt pulls out of the running. Dale has been a loyal Republican and active in the party for over three decades, including being the former State Chairman of the Young Republicans and a State Central Committee member for over 20 years. Dale has one of the best run county parties in the State and knows how to build a party from the ground up. He is respected by many and can unite all the branches of our party. We need unity, not division as we move into 2014.

Many have said that the cast has been set. Endorsements have come in from many elected officials already and some are looking past this very important vote on Friday. The State Chairman is the leader of our party. He is my leader. I want someone I can respect and trust. Most importantly, the Chairman must embody what we stand for. Dale has these qualities.

In closing the mindset of winner take all when it comes to this party must change. Our Bylaws restrict State wide elected officials, State Senators and House members from being State Central Committee members for a reason. The party must support our candidates, but our party must remain autonomous. This is our party. It will be our party long after these current elected officials are gone. We must take ownership of this fact and make good decisions for the betterment of our party. For this reason I respectfully ask Matt to withdraw his name at this time and would encourage all to support Dale Fellows, including Tom Zowistowski. Let’s send a message of unity on Friday not division.

If you feel this is a adequate solution please contact Matt at 614-204-1050 email: or Dale at216-299-2330 email:

Thank you for your time,

Charlie Frye
Ashtabula County Chairman


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