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In an effort to help everyone on the State Central Committee, and all the County Chairs, to learn more about me, I have sent you several links to videos that you can see on the internet where I discuss why I am running and what my vision is for the Ohio Republican Party.  Today, Sunday, April 21, 2013, I was on a show on Channel 3 WKYC in Cleveland called “Between the lines with Tom Beres.”  With the election just days away, I would ask that you take the 8 minutes necessary to watch this video:

I would also like to tell all of you that I finally had the opportunity to meet Matt Borges yesterday at a seven county meeting in Marion, Ohio. We managed to get a few minutes alone to get to know each other.  While we disagree on the purpose of the party, and our visions for the party, and the extent of the danger facing the party with this vote, I respect his positions and thank him for explaining them to me. I hope that he feels the same and I am sure that we will both continue to focus on the issues facing the party as we head toward the vote on Friday.  Please note, that the TV show that aired today was taped on Thursday before Matt and I had met, so my statements in the video are accurate for the time at which it was taped.

Best Regards,

Tom Zawistowski
Candidate for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party
1-800-846-4630 Ext 104

P.S. – here is the link to my previous interview on WBNS TV 10 in Columbus 4/7/13 in case you did not get to watch it previously:


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