Over 150 Conservative Leaders from over 100 Groups back Zawistowski for ORP Chairman

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday, April 18, 2013
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org

Over 150 Conservative Leaders from over 100 Groups back Zawistowski for ORP Chairman

Kent – Tom Zawistowski, Candidate for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, announced today that he had received the endorsement of over 150 Conservative Leaders from over 100 Groups across Ohio.  In an open letter titled “A Message to the Ohio GOP from Ohio Conservative Group Leaders”, the leaders expressed their disapointment in the actions of the Republican candidates they helped to elect and their frustrations with the Ohio Republican Party in general.  The leaders also expressed their belief that they and their members feel that they have no choice but to start a third party because they have lost confidence in the Ohio Republican Party and it’s candidates to represent their views. They told the ORP leadership that they would only trust Tom Zawistowski as Chairman to make the necessary changes that would keep them active in the Ohio Republican Party going forward.

Zawistowski responded to the endorsement by saying  “I thank these leaders for their support and for being willing to give me a chance to make the necessary changes. It’s very clear by their letter, and the letter yesterday from social conservatives, that our Ohio Republican Party needs a respected, experienced leader to fix these problems and renew the confidence of our base. Both letters state unequivocally that I am the person that the base trusts to do the job as the next Chairman of the Party.”

Zawistowski continued by saying, “One of the main reasons I am running for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party is to restore confidence in party leadership so that we can address the systemic issues that plague our party.  I can honestly say that I have never seen the anger and feelings of betrayal running as high as they are right now among Republicans of all persuasions and their concerns must be addressed. These loyal supporters of the Republican cause are crying out to the Party demanding change.  I hear their cry’s of frustration and disapointment and I am making sure that our ORP Leadership, and State Central Committee members and County Chairmen hear it and understand it as well. Changes must be made, starting with the vote for Chairman on April 26th, and if they are not made, the ORP will be severely damaged by the inevitable fracturing of the party base.”

Click here to see the letter sent by Conservative leaders to the State Central Central Committee and County Chairmen today.


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